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My Biggest Job-Search Problem Is My Wife

Dear Liz,

I could use your help! I’m job-hunting, and it’s creating unexpected problems for me at home.

I’m a relative newlywed. Susan and I got married three years ago and everything has been going great. I was working as a Credit Manager at a heating and plumbing company when we met, dated and got married. I got laid off from that job when the company merged with a larger company three months ago.

Liz, I was kind of excited about making a change. They say you should have six months of expenses in the bank, and we do. I’m thirty-one years old. I feel good, but Susan is very anxious and worried about my job search. She is still finding her career.

She works as a part-time teacher’s aide and makes very little money. Susan is a sweetheart and I am crazy about her, but she is very paranoid about money. Our house is worth more now than we paid for it, so that’s another good thing.

We are in fine shape financially, compared to a lot of people, but every day Susan says “Anything new on the job search?” She wants me to take any job I can get. She wants me to take a huge step back in my career just to be employed. She doesn’t believe me when I tell her that I know what I’m doing in my job search.

She wants me to go and apply at the big-box discount store near our house. I understand that there can be a point where it makes sense to take a survival job, but we’re not at that point! We already cut expenses and I got three months of severance which just recently ran out. I’m sure that’s why Susan is so worried. While I’m job-hunting, I’m also consulting.

I came home last Friday over the moon excited because I landed my first consulting client. The first project is only a $1000 project but it’s my first consulting gig ever, and the CEO and I really hit it off. The consulting gig could even turn into a full-time job.

Berrien County